Antaco has developed and patented an innovative solution that replicates nature in turning organic waste into a superior biofuel.

Supported by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Antaco has developed its first biocoal production facility capable of converting a range of dry and wet organic wastes.

Waste processing facility

A Look Inside


Is able to deal with any type of organic waste

Low CostLow Tech

Patented design using off-the-shelf component parts

Most EfficientProcess

More than 80% higher energy retention than ever before


Significantly reduces amount of waste going to landfill

About Antaco

Antaco was founded in 2011. We have developed and patented an engineering technology that provides a commercial solution to converting organic waste into a viable sustainable energy source.

We combine a deep understanding of the markets for organic waste production and harvest remains with an extensive background in the renewable energy field.

"Untapped waste-to-energy potential"


Million Tonnes of Potential Conversion


Million Tonnes of Potential CO2 Savings


Percent Carbon Efficiency

Example Used: United Kingdom

Latest News


Antaco’s technological achievements have been widely recognised, with the company winning several prestigious awards in the UK and Europe.