Antaco exists to make our world cleaner.

Our mission is to become the world leader in turning organic waste into carbon-neutral biofuel.

We offer a game-changing solution for organic waste disposal. Supported by the UK Government, we have developed a revolutionary waste processing technology.

Waste processing facility

A Look Inside


Is able to deal with any type of organic waste

Low CostLow Tech

Patented design using off-the-shelf component parts

Most EfficientProcess

Over 80% higher energy yield compared to other biomass conversion processes


Significantly reduces amount of waste going to landfill

About Antaco

Antaco provides you with a game-changing waste management solution that recycles your organic waste.

If you are an organisation that has organic waste you should talk to us.

"Untapped waste-to-energy potential"


Million Tonnes of Potential Conversion


Million Tonnes of Potential CO2 Savings


Percent Carbon Efficiency

Example Used: United Kingdom

Latest News


Antaco’s technological achievements have been widely recognised, with the company winning several prestigious awards in the UK and Europe.