A Simple Guide to HTC


How does HTC work?

HTC is a chemical process in which:

      1. Any waste biomass (wet or dry) is collected, pre-processed and pumped to the HTC plant.
      2. The pressure inside the plant is built up to an operational pressure between 15-20 bar.
      3. The slurry is then gradually heated up to the required operational temperature of between 180-250°C.
      4. Over the course of 4 to 10 hours, the organic matter is broken down into its compounds with carbon forming into small particles, oxygen and hydrogen joining to create water. This results in two products – a carbon-rich product (biocoal) and water.

      5. Once the reaction is complete the slurry is cooled and the energy in the slurry is recycled back to the beginning of the plant to process the incoming biomass.
      6. The pressure is then reduced back to atmospheric pressure and our biocoal slurry exits the plant.
      7. Finally, the biocoal slurry is dewatered, dried and pelletised into the final product biocoal, ready to be used, for instance as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

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